A settlement agreement
(5mb pdf) that forces the Huckleberry Ridge Homeowners Association to pay $90,000 to a few of its members in order to avoid threats of continued litigation has allowed this spring's trial verdict to at last be filed and signed into law.

As per the final court decision (5.7mb.pdf) resulting from the court trial, the No Trespassing signs have been permanently removed from the perimeter of Parcel B, a small portion of the hiking trail is to be re-routed, and fences & herbaceous borders are to be placed to enhance nearby residents' privacy & security.

Details are contained in the original court documents linked below:

As seen in the Monterey Herald - May 4, 2008:

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"For fifty-seven years, I have had the pleasure of living across the street from the greenbelt known as Parcel B, Huckleberry Ridge No. 1.  We residents of this east side of Herrmann have indeed been fortunate to have this wonderful natural hillside at our front doors all these years.  We use it, love it and appreciate it.  We have always understood it to be permanently protected open space."  

"It’s a real hot issue on the hillside.
A court battle over public access and maintenance is on the verge of erupting because of the recent appearance of 'No Trespassing' signs on some Monterey trails that have been considered open space for decades."

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