Below are the signatures gathered on the Right To Hike petition that was online from April 28, 2008 to March 8, 2009. Thanks to everyone who made their voices heard - your partcipation made it possible for the community to retain access to the trails and greenbelt for present and future Monterey residents and visitors.

We the undersigned understand that the trail connecting Quarry Park and Veterans Park in Monterey, California is in jeopardy of being closed to the public along with the adjoining "Parcel B" greenbelt area. Both have historically been accessible to the public for multiple generations.
I want my community leaders to know I am relying on them to support preserving my rights as well as the rights of future generations to continue to hike these trails.

1 Arthur Simons

2 Kenneth S. Johnson

3 Hans Jannasch
This trail is a neighborhood hallmark.

4 Elizabeth S. Jannasch
I also support and encourage a meeting with city representatives, homeowner and neighborhood association members connected to Parcel B to work toward a solution for this land that would serve all.

5 Bob Schwarz
This trail has been here before most of the homes along it, and it has been one of the delights of living in this Monterey Vista neighborhood.

6 Robin Weismann
This is so important! The neighborhood is not very safe to walk due to the curves and hills that limit the visibility of drivers. This trail provides a beautiful and safe alternative for moving through the neighborhood between the parks.

7 Scott Weismann
I am shocked to have people try to take away this place that has played such an important role in the joy I have had which no small amount is contributed to the greenbelt. I only wish that once again I can bring my friends to this place and play hide and go seek or arm ourselves for a friendly game of lazertag.

8 Ben Jannasch
I am quite disappointed that people would try to take the land that many people have been walking and enjoying. I have been playing with my friends on the greenbelt for all my life and having it be taken away would be like erasing one of my most memorial times. I remember running around playing tag, or just siting and making images out of clouds. I hope the greenbelt stays open so people can enjoy it!

9 Nicolaus Jannasch
I have lived by "Parcel B" for as long as i can remember. When I was younger I used to play there regularly and I still find it a quiet and peaceful place to walk with my family. When i first found out that it might become private property, I was appalled that anyone would even think about closing off this beautiful peace of land from the public, leaving it only to a few families to enjoy. If "Parcel B" was closed to the general public, I would truly believe that the interests of the community have not been served. If indeed, it becomes illegal for us to walk through "Parcel B", I believe a piece of our neighborhood will be lost. I can not find a reason why it would be so difficult for a few families to share this 12 acre park with the community they are an active part of. "Parcel B" is exceptionally beautiful, and I believe that everyone who wishes should be able to enjoy a little piece of that beauty.

10 Anne Washburn
I walk this trail with my dogs several times a week and we would greatly miss our woodland adventure so close to home!

11 Sebastian Morello
This is a beautiful trail that needs to remain accessible to the public

12 Suzanne Wood
This is one of the most pleasant walks in all the Monterey and it would be a tragedy for the community if it were closed. It is a local tradition and part of the privilege of living in this neighborhood, which I do. By walking there, we help the environment by not having to drive to Garland or Jacks Peak. Firmly recommend that the city take steps to prevent this trail from being closed.

13 Elaine Koppany

14 Joseph Byrd
I walk my dog in the Quarry most every day and enjoy the changing seasons. This is a wonderful asset to Monterey and should not be taken away from us. Some things are worth fighting for and this is one of them.

15 Chip Hale
Thank you Scott for making this issue known about here in our corner of the woods

16 Susanne Overton
I love this trail! My family & I hike it almost everyday. We have brought friends visiting us and they tell us how lucky we are to have that in the neighborhood.

17 Frank Davi
I ask that the community and City make every effort they can to preserve public recreational access to the Quarry Park Trail and all of Parcel B. This parcel has unique value in being the only undeveloped connector between the Quarry and Memorial Park.

18 Anonymous
This is a beautiful trial meant for the use of everyone. It should not be closed because a few people aren't happy about others walking behind their home when they knew about the path prior to moving in. People have used this trail for more than 50 years and it is not right for a few to ruin it for all.

19 Loretta Cook

20 Carol E. Lieberman
I live on Cramden and belong to the Skyline Ridge Homeowners Assn. It is a crime that the situation has been allowed to come to this. Parcel B should have always been part of the city park system.

21 Elaine Lalancette
Wandering bands of youngsters, middle-aged couples, elderly and their dogs roam the forest path from early till late. Dogs and owners greet and stop to chat. Cardio workouts, cool out periods, seeks of inspiration.... all happen on this lovely tree filled promenade

22 Anonymous

23 Anonymous
It is very important to keep local hiking areas open for the community and especially wild flower lovers and bird lovers.

24 Chris Morello

25 Ed Mellinger
It is important to keep public utility in balance with private property rights... but in this case there is clearly great public utility in allowing access, and very minor infringement on the property owner(s). Walkable towns are important now and will become more so in the future, and the Veterans-Quarry trail is a perfect example of a feature that if lost now, will be nearly impossible to reclaim in the future. I urge our City Representatives to do all they can to maintain public access to this trail.

26 P. Kay Burbidge

27 Anonymous
Almost daily my neighbor and I walk on this trail. We can enjoy a healthful activity without having to take a car to get to someother place to hike -- this saves the environment, gas, time, etc. and we also note if everything is O.K. along the way.

28 Linda Byrd

29 Chris Grech

30 Ellie Huffman
Accessability to the beauty in this area is one of its prime assets. To restrict wlking paths creates obstacles to being at home with nature in our area. This wou;d be a loss to us and our children.

31 Nancy Harray
This trail keeps its distance from nearby homes and offers all the pleasures of trails much farther away. Please protect this valuable Monterey resource.

32 Casey
The wilderness is a beautiful place...I think people should be able to enjoy it.

33 Jim Jenifer

34 Anonymous

35 Anonymous

36 Anonymous

37 Karen Wiskoff
If taxpayer money is used to maintain land, then the land must be open to access by the taxpayers. End of story. I agree with those who wish to work toward a workable solution short of litigation.

38 Wil Shull

39 James Barry
Please do not allow this trail to be closed. Open space is important.

40 Carolyn Bretz
Keep the trail open

41 Kodi Adams
Why close a park down that people love there is no point in it?

42 Anonymous
With our children and grandchildren we have enjoyed walking portions of this trail. It would be wrong to deny this long-standing benefit to the public to gratify the selfishness of a few.

43 Jane Lundy
This trail creates a marvelous link between Quarry Park and Veterans Park giving us a good chance to stretch out legs uphill and down away from traffic, etc. Please keep it open for us all.

44 Ashley Knight
I am new to the area and was delighted to discover this trail. I was proud to find that open space parcels like these existed. These are the things that make Monterey so special. Please keep this trail open, it's not hurting anyone and allows EVERYONE to enjoy the breathtaking views and cozy neighborhood forest, rather that only those who can afford it.

45 Shane Anderson
It seems that a compromise can be reached that provides access between these two beautiful resources.

46 Ferd Hafner
I want my community leaders to know I am relying on them to support preserving my rights as well as the rights of future generations to continue to hike these trails .

47 Erin
We need parks, save this one!!

48 Jeff Riley

49 Ann Pennington
Taking away trails from the public is counterproductive to what makes and keeps our peninsula the jewel that is is. If you haven't walked the trail yet do so today! It's a gem.

50 Douglas Davenport
My wife and I along with our dog use the trail between Veterans & Quarry Parks several time a week. It is the only safe connection to Veterans Park for foot traffic. It gives use exercise and eliminates the need to drive to the park which is an environmental benefit to the community as a whole. We have used the trail for 10 plus years. This trail adds so much to the character and enjoyment of our neighborhood (Mt. Regio) and has been a part of the "quality of life" which we experience for many decades here in Monterey.

51 Susan Kendall

52 Anthony Davi
It is public access to natural spaces like Parcel B and the Quarry Park Trail that are the foundation of Monterey's value as a living environment for people. The right to enjoy Parcel B with its quiet walking trails, its views of the bay and harbor, its old Monterey Pines, and its utility as a pedestrian connection between two old Monterey neighborhoods, is a quintessential natural asset that everyone should seek to protect.

53 Rick Johnson
I started walking my dog on the quarry trail in 1974, and have enjoyed the quiet beauty of this magnificient open space ever since. My children used to gather kindling there after storms. It's been important in the lives of many of us who live on this Peninsula and should remain open for generations to come.

54 Mary Castagna
These trails are a special way to experience the wonders of "the woods" in our own neighborhoods. Please keep them open for all to enjoy!

55 John Castagna
Please preserve these trails which facilitate and encourage hiking. They are a valuable public resource, in use for many decades.

56 Aaron Schuman

57 Lorenz Rossmann

58 Katie

59 Colin Empey
This is one of my friend’s favorite places to go and i really like to go there too, so don't make it go away

60 Demetrius A. Kastros
I have been using Quarry Park Trail for 12 years.

61 Nik Myers

62 Marcia Hardy
Open space and public access are what make Monterey such a wonderful place to live. Like public access to beaches, those who purchased homes along this stretch knew it was open to the public going into their purchase.

63 Margarita Hunter
I always enjoyed walking my dog from Quarry Park to Veteran's Park. The trail is beautiful, and safe place to walk and enjoy spectacular Monterey views. Beatiful trails, spectacular views, open spaces make Monterey a special place to live.

64 Dana Neikirk
I/we live a block away from this trail and use it frequently. It would be a shame for our family to lose access. Our little girl likes to walk/hike up to Veteran's Park to use the play equipment. Alternate routes would force us to use busy & dangerous Via Del Rey.

65 Janet Thoele
Sorry to inconvenience owners of nearby properties but it's important to preserve, and provide access to, greenbelt areas.

66 Mary Lynn Hafner

67 Tanish Peelstrom
This is a great trail - a little bit of peace in the middle of town and the only public access to the great views from high up on the peninsula- don't cut it off!

68 Erin Kelly

69 Alan Washburn
I have used those trails since 1970.

70 Judy Moody
I live on Via Cimarron and use this trail frequently, at least three times a week. It doesn't seem right that access to this beautiful trail would be denied to the public. I, for one, would be very upset.

71 Vincent Maiorana
My family built and occupied one of the first homes in that area (Cramden Dr.) It would be a shame if parcel B was restricted from public access. As a child I spend countless hours exploring and enjoying this area and it is one of the last trails that connect Quarry Park and Veterans Park. I will support continued public access to this trail.

72 Deborah Kelly
Please keep our trail open!

73 Vanessa Jackson

74 Jana Deck

75 Joan Jeffers McCleary
I am a long-time resident of upper Herrmann Drive, directly across from the public access greenbelt now known as "Parcel B. "Three generations of my family have hiked and played there. We have also served as caretakers of the land, picking up trash, removing overhanging brush and poison oak from the trails, and respecting this beautiful part of the Peninsula. We were outraged by the obvious "clear-cutting" of trees by owners of a home on the north side of Dorey Way, which was done to improve their view. My late mother, Frances Jeffers, enjoyed walking on the hillside trails for many years. My late brother, John Jeffers, grew up playing there with the many other boys in the neighborhood. All of us respected the land, and we felt a strong responsibility to preserve it for future generations. Development of the upper hillside was permitted by the City, only with the requirement that a public access greenbelt be maintained in perpetuity. Please save this treasure, not only for the neighborhood, but also for visitors. It is part of the reason that the Monterey Peninsula is such a special place in which to live.

76 Molly Lineberger

77 Kelley Calvert

78 Chris Stout
I would like to continue to hike in this area and be able to access Quarry Park and Veterans Park through this scenic corridor

79 Chelsea Lalancette

80 John A Pennington

81 Warren Ruhl

82 Kara Potter

83 Michael Lojkovic
I first walked the Vets-Quarry trail in 1967 when i was visiting my uncle who had a place on Jefferson Street. Walking through the majestic monterey pines, it is part of why i fell in love with this peninsula, eventually making it my home. My mom lives in the house on Jefferson, and my wife and i reside in the house where she grew up on Chualar Place. very often after visiting, we take the long way home, enjoying the vista & solemn silence of the Vets-Quarry trail. when friends & relations visit us, this is the first place we take them to unwind after a long car ride, or simply stretch their legs after a good homemade dinner. Please do all you can to preserve this legendary walkway for the greater public. Thank you!

84 Seth Matterson
I was present the day this trail was bulldozed in the mid 1980's. Prior to that time, I enjoyed Parcel B almost every day as a Walter Colton Jr. High School student. The forest was very nice without houses and paved trails. I even kind of liked the old rusty cars abandoned in the woods. Times change however. Please preserve public access to this trail. It is an important link to the rest of the Monterey Peninsula forests.

85 Merry Lojkovic

86 Bernard J. Cook

87 Stephanie Lichtenegger
This open access parcel existed before the homes were built.

88 Sarah Matterson
Please save this trail & parcel B for the public!

89 Daniel Cook

90 Mirco Haag

91 Carrie Grissim
I love this trail, it's one of the few places in Monterey you can go for a hike and not have to worry about traffic or breathing in exhaust fumes. It should belong to all of us to use.

92 Ryan Katz

93 Vivian L. Bailey
I enjoy the views on this path. Please keep them open to me as a visitor to your lovely area!

94 Linda Gabrielson
I have enjoyed hiking this trail regularly since my move to Monterey. Please preserve it as a public access hiking trail.

95 Janine Thompson

96 Tom Warner
My family & I have enjoyed the trail and it's beautiful views for seven years, closing this Monterey asset would be a terrible loss.

97 Marta Kraftzeck

98 Dan Myers

99 Anonymous

100 George McCullough
Been using the trail since 1984

101 Cindy McCullough
Been using the trail since 1984

102 Judy Darling Zappacosta
This is the neighborhood I grew up in, and since I was able to play on this particular acreage since 1953, I can not even imagine not having access to this area. One of the first places I head off to every evening is walking my dog either beside or within the hillside. Access to this land predates any homeowner developments ever contemplated, and should be respected as such.

103 Carolyn Barber

104 Floyd & Barbara Eisiminger
We have used the trail since 1989 and will do whatever is necessary to keep it available to everyone.

105 Hans Thomas

106 Amanda Geurts
I hike the trail three times a week. I love it.

107 Davey Myers
It is appalling that a few people think they are more important than the public this area has been set aside for. It has always been a Green Belt and should be protected for the community.

108 Tony Grissim
Not only is there a legally binding public access easement through this property, their is a legally valid prescriptive easement which must be upheld. Two families should not be allowed to force their will upon the majority of Monterey citizens who value this public trail.

109 Katherine Reneker
This greenbelt and public access is so important to keep accessible. Our family uses it on a WEEKLY basis, teaching our children to value and cherish our natural world, as well as exercise.

110 MaryLee Sunseri
I love hiking this trail! I noticed some attempt by private home owners to block it the last time I hiked it with my sister-in-law--the day after Christmas 2007. Please keep it open! Thank you!

111 Steve Mickel
I have owned my property for over 20 years on Yerba Buena Ct. and have lived here for 17 years. I have walked with my children and my dogs many times over the years. This is a beautiful tail and walk. It is pease of mind and good exercise to walk this tail. It should remain open to the public for tail hiking forever. Steve Mickel.

112 Sharon Blaziek

113 Dave Whipple
I have hiked this trail many times, and hope we will be able to continue to do so.

114 Harold Woodward

115 Rebecca Brock

116 Jenna Ulrich

117 Stuart Crymes

118 Katharine Nicholson
Part of the beauty of this area is the accessibility of areas within our living communities to get out and enjoy nature without having to drive out of the local neighborhoods to do that.

119 Anonymous
Keep the trail open!

120 Emily Tonkin
Please preserve our rights to enjoy the native beauty of our Peninsula.

121 Bonnie Czirban

122 Nicole Smith

123 Anonymous
We love hiking and walking in this area and would like to keep it open to responsible use.

124 Leslie Beckwith
Closing this will just lead to more closures and restrictions in the future. The homeowners who started this should be ashamed of themselves.

125 Kim Neill
City officials: please don't succumb to the "not in my backyard" pressure from homeowners trying to close a public trail. Give it an official name and sign (which the public would gladly pay for), and keep it the public trail is has been and is intended to be.

126 Maria Helenius

127 Anonymous

128 Betty Aynaga

129 Peggy E. Brown

130 Anonymous
I have lived right down the street from that trail my whole life. In my childhood that trail brought me alot of recreational enjoyment. Too hear that property owners are trying to close them is very sad and just flat out ignorant.

131 Anonymous

132 Cindy Curtis
Run Taco, run.

133 Elise Billingsley
Spend some time and think about what the closure would mean. While I can understand the homeowner's need to have their land and families protected, the simplest solution was offered early on: deed the land to the city, and have the space available "legally" to all it's citizens. Join the people who believe in open space while still keeping the value and protaction of the land the City has to offer.

134 Carl Alasko
My family and I have hiked this trail since 1992. It's a precious and irreplacable part of our family life and recreation, which we enjoy at least two to three times a week.

135 Carrie Burgess

136 Mikko
Keep our open space available to the public! It belongs to all of us!

137 Anonymous

138 Carl Palminteri
I've been here 22 years while my wife's family has been here since @1964....when the signs went up years ago stating "City of Monterey Forest Preserve" I asked the fellow putting up the sign what the story was and he told me in no uncertain terms that this was now all 'permanent greenbelt' ...and these signs did not go up without offiicial approval. (I have first hand knowledge of how long it took to get a simple "No parking between driveways" sign up when it was a real safety concern.) This area has been CONSTANTLY used and enjoyed by the public for decades...and when prisoners were brought in regularly year after year it became obvious to a casual observer that 'officialdom' certainly had its opinion.

139 Katherine Minerva
I have lived on the Peninsula since 1961 and have used the trail to get to school and friend's homes. It would be awful to close it.

140 Connie Haughi
Have used this trial for years and i really appreciate your efforts to keep it open for public access.

141 Anonymous
Thank you for what you are doing to keep the Quarry/Veterans Park Trail open for local hikers. We live only a few blocks from the trail. Being able to hike that trail to Veterans Park and Huckleberry Hill is a wonderful part of living in this neighborhood where we have lived since 1980.

142 Steve and Kathleen million
We walk the trails in both parks weekly, and want the parcel b section to remain open.

143 Linda Ruhl
There are so few places to hike around Monterey itself -- don't take this away.

144 Jeffrey W. Gorman
I have used that trail extensively, having grown up in the area. Specifically, from 1978 to 1986, I walked nearly every day of the week with my buddies from Monte Vista, Colton and Monterey High School. For three years during that period, I delivered the Herald daily in that and adjoining neighborhoods.

145 J. Faxon
I have enjoyed this section of forest for the last 40 years. I want my children to have the same access to this unique place in our city and neighborhood.

146 Joan Channon
I hike this trail 3-4 times a week as my exercise. I live on Herrmann Drive and we need this trail!

147 Elizabeth Theaker

148 Mary Conway
I live on the trail. I support open space and the publics right to hike! What an asset to the City of Monterey!

149 Anonymous
I thought this was a joke at first. The trail runs behind houses w/fences and in no way goes into anyone’s yard. These houses are new and were built up against the trail but now they want the beauty and view all to themselves. SELFISH!! I walk the trail and even sit and take in the view didn't realize that it belonged to the homeowners there.

150 Anonymous
my wife and I walk this trail whenever we can. It is close and a nice stroll and why someone would want to claim it as their own is silly. All the problems in the world and this is what a few homeowners find important...time to rethink that don't ya' think?!

151 Judy Karas
I remember a large document (Parks & Rec Dept or Planning Dept.) from a number of years ago that included the Veterans Park and Quarry Park paths in a master plan connecting paths in Mty. and the Presidio....sorry, I threw it away but it indicated that the development up there was agreed on as part of cluster housing which preserved open space and public access. I hope the information from original development is found and used in court....the intent was to preserve public walking use of this area and connect with other areas of Monterey by foot trails. The city agreed to development with this in mind, originally, I believe. I wish all hikers success with this effort. I can't believe homeowners would deny access to this area that for years has accommodated local neighbors and others who like to hike up there.

152 Gus Simons

153 Youngsook Kim
Ever since I was working at the Monte Vista Elementary School (over one and a half year ago), I and my coworkers enjoyed this route as our lunch walk. I hope we can keep on walking this beautiful hiking course. Thanks.

154 Joyce Vandevere
I have lived on Via Ventura since 1956 and have walked frequently in Veterans Park and adjoining areas. I remember three or four trails leading from the central area of Veterans Park to the edge of the quarry before the homes were built there. Now we have only one. We are encouraged to walk, both for our own health and for the earth's, but it is hard to find places to walk in Monterey out of the path of cars. Cars even park on the decomposed granite and asphalt sidewalks in our neighborhood, forcing walkers out into the road. We cherish the trails we have such as this one and should be developing more. e.g. down the green belt in Soledad Canyon. I find it unconscionable that people buy homes next to a walkway and then want the walkway closed. We have always loved walking along the hillside above our home. Subdivision and home building has cut down on the space where we can do that, but please, please do not close off the little that is left! It's really great to be able to safely walk through the forest from Via Paraiso Park up the little walkway between the houses to Quarry Park and from there up the trail to Veterans' Park. It's one of the amenities of living in Monterey.

155 Amy Dement-Dorey
I hike the Quarry park - Veterans park trail almost every day. I live in the neighborhood and would be devastated if they closed the trail to locals.

156 Elaine Cole
My family has lived at 556 Herrmann since 1971, we have always played, hiked, watched sunsets and fireworks "from the hill". Please allow my children the benefit of this beautiful untouched "forest".

157 Charles Wilson
Keep the quality of Monterey as a community. Keep the trail open to responsible hikers.

158 Joanne Hofler
I've hiked this trail with my dogs since 1989. It's an absolutely beautiful place. It should not be closed!!!

159 Sharon Garber
Keep the trail open, it's the obvious choice. It's difficult to believe that this is an issue.

160 Chip Dorey

161 Doug Weismann
For many decades families from all over Monterey have hiked in this open space area as part of their quality of life. The land was set aside specifically because of neighborhood sprawl concerns and to increase everyone's quality of life. Are we a city and community that wants to be divided and take away the historic traditions of hiking these beautiful trails with views? What kind of community and country do we want to live in? What other family traditions will be destroyed in this process?

162 Christine Short

163 Jan Doelman
We enjoy using this trail. Thank you for defending our right to use it.

164 Nicole Chupka
I don't understand what the problem is. We quietly hike the trail with our dogs and never disturb the homeowners or their property. What is it that they have a problem with? If someone buys a home next to this trail, they should be in support of the trail, not against it.

165 Karen Calley
I hike this path at least three times a week and it gives me some of my greatest joy. This trail is one of the unique factors of our neighborhood that makes it special.

166 Allyn Bushlow
I have lived near and hiked on these trails for 20 years! Whatever we can do as a community to save them is our civic duty.

167 Gordon Miller
Monterey has been my Home from birth until forty five years of age.I return regularly to visit family and friends.I attended Monte Vista elementary school, Walter Colton and Monterey HS. I walked those hillsides alone and played there with friends when it still had a semblance of a contiguous biome.Remember,back before the whole Skyline development went in and Kay Nakamura's beautiful house was a shining example of the harmony between architecture and nature,before all those ostentatious McMansions were built? Those trails were providing physical and mental health to the citizens of Monterey then and they are still to this day and will continue to do so for years to come. It is a public health issue,among others.It is also in the public domain. Do the right thing for the cardiovascular health of the citizens and act in the great American tradition of Robert Frost, however truncated those poetry evoking woods have become. Gordon Miller, Portland, Oregon.

168 Thomas and Dona Mork
Living on Wellings Place since 1984 my wife and I have enjoyed walking the trail with our dog for its views and peaceful setting. We have never encountered any disruptive activity. We are careful to not leave any trash or dog droppings and rarely see evidence that anyone else has littered. We believe it is reasonable to keep this open to the public as the trail is respectfully used.

169 Dorothy Edner

170 Matthew Hammond
Our family enjoyed this hike yesterday afternoon. Please don't close it down!

171 Anonymous

172 Leslie Rosenfeld

173 Curtis Spitler

174 Tim Morse
Keep the trail open!

175 Marcia Napoli

176 Donald Napoli

177 Linda Toplarski

178 Chris Toplarski

179 Mary O'Daly

180 Leslie Finnegan
I have been hiking this trail for 10 years with my dog. I am always respectful and clean (picking up the poop), and the only people I ever see are others in their 40s and older, walking with their dogs. Please do not close this neighborhood treasure!

181 Pamela Ford

182 Keith Vandevere
Who knows how long people have been using that trail? I've been walking it for over 40 years. Obviously, historic public use has created a right of public access. Why is this even a question? No one ever complained about public use until the last few years. How did public use suddenly become a problem? And what kind of problems are trail users causing? I haven't heard of any. Is finding out that your homeowners association owns a piece of property all it takes to transform a trail that wasn't formerly a problem into an unbearable nuisance?

183 Lori Mannel

184 bill mannel

185 Anne & Henry Mollet
We walked the trail between 1979-1986 when we lived on Skyline Drive. Now we live on Cielo Vista Dr and walked and inspected the trail again today. There is doubt in our minds that public access between Quarry Park and Veterans Park should be protected.

186 Feyruz Rubeyi
Sometimes I jog up there or hike, my dog and I love the park and the community, it is an important public access it will be very sad if it is cut off.

187 Dennis & Marty Renault

188 Warren Van Skike
I walk this trail often please do not close off access. Thank you

189 Megan

190 Greg Pool
As native on Monterey , I am shocked to find that this well-worn trail is in dispute. I can recall running these trails in high school for cross country, all the way to the DLI. I can't imaging this area without the public access I have enjoyed for years. There needs to be a way to accommodate the Giammanco's privacy and provide this public access.

191 Anonymous

192 Janice Harrell

193 Glenn D. Harrell

194 Todd Keller

195 Paola

196 Steven Likong

197 Joel Leker

198 sean and rebecca flavin

199 Emily Newman

200 Bret Shaw

201 Gloria Maxon
I've been walking in this area for over 30 years... before it was developed. My children grew up here, enjoying the walks as infants, then toddlers, then exploring adolescents. The trail must continue to be shared with the community.

202 Ed Leeper

203 Laura Cohan
I have hiked this trail for 5 years. It is a gorgeous and important piece of open space, the historical right to hike through which needs to be preserved.

204 Carol Ann Fletcher
I live on El Caminito off of Hermann Drive. I want this trail to be accesible to me on days I wish to hike in my residential area. Please do not close off this oppertunity to me and my family and visiting friends.

205 Lynn McDonald

206 Earl Brubaker

207 Wendy Bartz

208 Rod Bartz

209 Bridget Bartz

210 Laura Burian

211 Edgard Coly
Trails are managed through public funding--tax payers money, therefore they MUST remain open to the public.

212 Amelia P.
Being angry about people walking by your house on this trail is like being mad about people yapping away at their cell phones on the sidewalk by you house. You wouldn't close the sidewalk, would you?

213 Anonymous

214 Marja Byekirova
We love the Veterans Park trail! Hikers help keep the proposed "greenbelt" green through their love of it!

215 Allison Ford
The beauty of Monterey should be accessible to everyone whether they can afford hill top property or not. Veterans Park is a public good and the public should be able to use it accordingly. Please keep the park trails open to those of us who don't have such a great view in our backyards.

216 Anonymous

217 Jean de Marignac
My Family and I walk theses trails weekly and we ask you to do what you can to keep them open for all to enjoy. They were a significant factor when we decided to buy our house in the area.

218 phillip t. emmons

219 Aiyana Wain Hirschberg

220 Anonymous

221 Pamela Bennett

222 Danielle E. Creedon
The greenbelt areas are critical to my sense of community here in Monterey. My family and I hike the trail that begins at the Veteran's building and ends at the Quarry multiple times a week. It is a beautiful trail, and a great way to get outside without having to get in a car! Frankly, the existence of this open public space was one of the main reasons we purchased our house on Jefferson Street a few years ago. The closure of these areas would be a detriment to our community and another example of private land interests taking precedent over the interests of the public's right to enjoy such lands.

223 Lynel Moore

224 Louis Cioffi
This is a great trail, closing access t it would be terribly unfair.

225 Robert Beatman
A beautiful view and a safe place to walk with small children and dogs. Please do not allow a few people steal access from the city.

226 John Crawford

227 Angel Look

228 Jacqueline Young

229 Anonymous
keep open and public please.

230 Kirill Mazin

231 carol bloner
Please help to keep this trail open. Allow walkers use of the paved path. thank you

232 Anonymous

233 Anonymous
My wife and I live very close to this trail and walk on it nearly every day with our daughter and our dog. It would be a shame for this trail to be shut down in the interest of a few people. Please make the trail easement permanent!

234 Seth Goldsmith
I've been walking to and hiking this trail several times a week since moving to Monterey in 1995. I do not see much traffic on it on it and have never noticed any form of disturbance (nor much litter!) during my walks. The value of this "rural resource" within the confines of the city makes a great contribution to the collective quality of life for the residents of Monterey. I urge our city officials to find a resolution which maintains open access to this open space resource.

235 Anonymous

236 Thomas Bruneau
I have used the trail for at least five years in walking with my dogs. I have been active in NIP activities, as I was president of OTNA for a total of 6 years since founding in 1990 or so. Community involvement and commitment is a key element of living in Monterey.

237 Lois Van Buren
When friends come to visit, I take them on what I call the "urban hike" loop between my house and Veteran's Park because it is unique and one of the hidden treasures of Monterey. Everyone makes comments to that effect - how special the trail is and how lucky we are to have such a trail. It would be such a shame to take away from the many in order to give satisfaction to the few. Hopefully, there is some compromise to be had.

238 Anonymous

239 Nick Welschmeyer

240 Anthony F.
It would be a real loss to the people of Monterey, present and future, to lose access to this beautiful trail.


242 Anonymous
do these greedy varmints know no shame?!

243 Robert Ward
Intolerant, selfish, self-centered greed must be stopped.

244 John Brennan
Nature is the greatest healer. Old and young alike enrich their lives by being in her grace; keep this trail open. JB

245 Charles Wilson
It is sad when people in a community can only walk along public streets bounded by private property lines and have no where else to go. I hope that Monterey does not become such a place.

246 andrea ross

247 Andrea J. Wilson
My family and I have enjoyed our hikes on this trail, the beautiful views, the picnics at Vets Park, and the leisurely walk back down the path. I find this to be a much safer and more enjoyable way to get from the neighborhood to Vets Park than the risky trek on the winding roads shared with cars and trucks. Please keep the trail open to the public.

248 Mark E Thornberry

249 Nancy Skei
People and animals have existed together forever. If people choose to hike, they know the possible dangers of animal confrontations and should have the right to make the decision to hike or not hike without government interference. Animals should be more afraid of people than the other way around!

250 David Hirschberg
Trails are essential to maintain personal ties in the community

251 Jon Rubin

252 Beverly Rubin1120 Roosevelt St. Monterey 93940

253 fleur burke

254 Cheryl Kirkpatrick

255 Mallory Mickel

256 Kathleen Bonner
This beautiful trail needs to remain open for public hiking. I have never seen or heard of abuse of the trail environment by its users, and owners of adjacent properties knew of its public use at the time they purchased.

257 Claire Rygg
My friends and I have enjoyed this trail for years. Its vista shows off the beauty of the Monterey Peninsula. Please keep it open to the public.

258 Marianne Hart
Please leave the trail open to public access. These trails are part of what makes living in Monterey so enjoyable and unique.

259 Glenn Olf
These trails are important to preserve for our family, friends and children. They add value to all citizens and to not be able to work out a solution is a failure of government. The desires of a few should not trump the value of these trails for the community.

260 Anonymous


262 claude bennett

263 carol bloner
PLEASE keep this trail available as it has been for so many years, open to all. thank you, carol bloner

264 Marty Renault

265 Jeanne Ewy
I hope that the litigants and the public agencies can come to a win-win solution that respects the concerns of the local property owners while preserving public access to this wonderful area. We just hiked it again this weekend. What an important public resource this is!

266 Jennifer Paddack-Hyde

267 John Hickey

268 Dave Whipple
I wholeheartedly support the effort to keep the trail open. It is a crucial link to the top and bottom.


270 Anonymous

271 Anonymous

272 Bob Schwarz
Oh yes--this brief trail is an in-neighborhood scenic treasure and the best way to walk to Veterans Park.

273 Richard Doyle

274 Lia Bauer

275 Anthony Pereyda

276 Cathleen Gable

277 John Hutcherson
This is a beautiful trail which I and my family have enjoyed for years and hopefully for years to come. The stairs to the top have been a running challenge.

278 Mary Murphy
I enjoy the beautiful trails in Monterey and am thankful for them. I fully support the preservation of these trails and promise to always respect residents surrounding those trails. Thank you for your efforts on behalf of all of us.

279 Cynthia Fels
We need green spaces. More cities are creating them not taking them away.

280 Suzanne Le Bon
I have been in Monterey 16 yrs and love this trail. So sad to hear about this in the Herald today. I hope the other side doesn’t win. I believe these big homeowners need to share -- the beach condo owners have to share the beach. Why would it be any different?

281 Mark and Jackie Wendland
We chose to buy a home and move to this neighborhood in 1980 because of the open space, hiking trails, parks and schools in this community friendly neighborhood. What a shame it would be to have our right taken away to hike the scenic trail connecting Quarry Park to Veterans park to Huckleberry Hill. We hike this on a regular basis for pleasure and exercise. I suggest that the signs up by Veterans Park identify the trail be taken down to discouraged visitors who are staying at the park from using the trail. Please keep our right to be able to walk the trail.

282 Haven Rich

283 Robert Eaton
Open spaces must be allowed, encouraged and preserved for the public at large for walking and other outdoor activities.

284 Anonymous

285 Annette Foisie
As a plein-air artist, I am very interested in keeping the public right to access these lands. I cause no disturbance, neither cut or pick wildflowers, and leave no trash behind; I simply record the view in oil on canvas, as generations have done, before me.

286 Andrew Wodecki

287 Kenneth Brown
This is a beautiful and pristine trail in which I enjoy using at least once a week for many years. I have never witnessed any property damage or miss use of this trail. My wife and I would be lost without it. Ken & Val Brown

288 Kathy Rogers

289 Nicole Gustas
It is in the public interest to retain this open space for all to enjoy.

290 Dave Randall

291 Paula Fisler

292 Mark Fisler

293 Fritz Liess
I have enjoyed this trail for the seven years I have lived in Monterey. It is wonderful to have this trail within walking distance from my home.

294 Lisa Mineo

295 Nourredin Ale-Ali
I am using this trail time after time and I see numbers of people and neighbors using this trail as a safe and enjoyable for every one

296 Anonymous

297 John Sibert

298 Melanie Allen

299 Joe Edwards

300 Toby Katz
As a resident, my family, friends, and pets have all enjoyed the trail. The greenbelt offers a natural way to bring the community together.

301 Kimb Massey

302 Simmony Baran

303 Elizabeth Russell

304 Andrew Szmit
Please keep the trail open!

305 Fred Norman MD

306 Gary Pennington

307 carmen lee-dubbs

308 Robert W. Motta
My wife and I hike there and want to keep this wonderful area open to us and to other community hikers.

309 Diana J. Motta
My understanding is that this was to be open to the public when the developer signed the deal. I don't understand why a few people should be allowed to change that. This is a beautiful trail in a safe area and should be kept that way.

310 Brian Jason Lamar
With the current problem with obesity that the rest of the country is hurting from, we can combat the spread of that dilemma to the Monterey Bay.

311 Richard Tezak

312 Bruce MacKenzie
My wife and I have lived in this area for 45 years. We used to walk these trails regularly with our little dogs. Please keep these trails open for use.

313 Elizabeth MacKenzie

314 Arleen Tarantino
I hiked it today. A wonderful trail.

315 Mary Cunningham-Welsh

316 Jay A Zwagerman
We bought our house in Monterey in 2002 and have enjoyed the Quarry to Veteran's Park trail quite frequently. I see no reason why anyone should restrict neighborhood people from enjoying that trail. I don't ask people not to walk on the street in front of my house. The trail is a community asset. Jay Z.

317 Richard Thorne
These magnificent trails are one of the main reasons we picked the area near Peters Gate to buy our home. If we're paying taxes for a service (i.e. maintenance of a trail) wouldn't we expect access to the service we're paying for? Not sure I understand how the public can be expected to pay taxes for a service it has no access to or would not receive?

318 Janet Tezak

319 Anonymous
The Giammancos are just being selfish. They do not own this land anymore than I do. If they do not want to live next to a public hiking trail then they should move.

320 Ellen Bernard

321 Stephen Schoening
I hike the trail almost every day and enjoy the scenery. I would really miss it if it were closed off to the community.

322 M. Crompton

323 Elizabeth Murray
These trails are one of my favorite reasons for living in my Peters Gate neighborhood, I can walk with my dog to the woods. I have let Monterey know what a treasured gift it is and contributed $35. towards the cost of the trail. Keeping open space accessible is a gift to all of us to be close to nature. These trails are wonderful for families, and neighbors.

324 Anthony

325 Bill Tarantino
The trail that connects these two Parks allows all of us to enjoy a beautiful part of Monterey. I hope the trail stays open for all.

326 Anonymous

327 Geoff England
I too enjoy this hike. I have been concerned about the talk I have been hearing about who is paying for it tho. I thought Monterey was, now I hear that the people who own the property are paying for the public to use it. That would not be fair. Does anyone know what is going on here? Sure is confusing. Nice walk tho.

328 Anna Bellersen

329 Vinz Hake
Please keep the land accessible, and the trail open. The trail has been used for many years; it was there before the homes were built.

330 Emma Vetter

331 Carol Maehr
It seems that a few unhappy folks are acting very childishly. Do not let them ruin this litle area where hikers have been respectful, quiet and appreciative of this greenbelt for years, doing absolutely no harm.

332 kenneth h. blood

333 Catherine Broz
This wonderful open green space in Monterey must stay open. Let me compare living next to a trail path to living next to a side walk: I might not like people walking down the sidewalk in front of my house, but, it is a sidewalk just the same and I live next to it. The idea that the sidewalk should be removed so I do not have to see people walking down my street is ridiculous, just as demanding that an open green space trail that is a DESIGNATED hiking trail is ridiculous. Also, I will gladly pay money towards maintaining the path for walking purposes. I think there could be a maintenance fee for those who use the trail to help maintain it.

334 Basia Carpentier

335 Steven Vetter

336 Melissa Hartman

337 Michael G. Armstrong
I literally start many of my days with a brisk morning hike straight up from my address at the bottom of Martin St. This trail offers me the multiple benefits, of a sense of wonder, inspirational views, hushed forest scenes, and a great cardio work out. Since I can no longer manage running, this is my perfect prescription for each new day. I urge each and every community to leader to ensure the ongoing access and enjoyment of these trails and vistas for all members of our community in perpetuity.

338 Todd Muck

339 Justin Russo

340 Jane Russo

341 Miriam Aguilar
Please leave the parks alone! We need quiet green space for spiritual contemplation.

342 Jamie Marston Jameson
My children love walking from Quarry Park to Veterans Park. This walk is beautiful and wears them out. Please don't take it away!

343 sherry murphy

344 Anonymous
Thank you!

345 Danica Mottola

346 Pam Baker

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