Saturday, March 7    10am - 1pm

Quarry Park, Monterey
(on Via del Pinar between Via Gayuba and Hermann Drive)

Genista (Scotch Broom) is an invasive non-native shrub that spreads aggressively, displaces native plant species, and is highly flammable. The only successful way of controlling it is to pull it up from the roots.

Now that recent rains have softened the soil making Genista pulling easier, we invite the community to join us next Saturday, March 7 in Monterey's Quarry Park for a Genista Pulling Party! We'll start at 10am and break up into groups; the more agile and young among us will work on the steep & uneven terrain, and the rest of us will concentrate on the flatter, easier to get at areas.

Let's show our support and appreciation for the City of Monterey's Urban Forestry Department by working together to help control this threat to our local ecosystem. Beverages will be provided - bring a snack to share and a pair of gardening gloves (the more mature stems can be rough!).

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